Recycle Smart Assembly & Next Green Team Steps
Tue, Sep 10 3:40pm

Yesterday your children attended an assembly put on by Recycle Smart to kick off a Greener Bancroft!  Last Friday a “waste audit” was led by Recycle Smart and some brave students.  During this audit of the lunch recycle, compost and landfill bins, we found that we have a big opportunity to do our part to help the planet.  We found that there was so much incorrect disposal of the waste that the recycling and compost could not be used as designated and would have been all sent to the landfill.  Here are the statistics of what we found:

  • The composting bin only contained 4% of what should have been composted– compost should have been a total of 25.7 lbs
  • Only 22% of what was thrown into the Landfill bin was correctly disposed, meaning 78% of items in the Landfill bin could have been recycled or composted. Landfill should have been 3.25 lbs
  • 75% of what was thrown in the Recycle bin was actually composting, trash or reusable containers from home! (check the lost and found if yours did not come home!)

Today or tomorrow, all 3rd-5th grade students will be bringing home a Student Green Team application form.  If your child would like to join the team and the movement, please fill it out, sign and return by this Friday, September 13th.  The team members will take turns helping other students at lunch time to properly dispose of their waste, provide input and ideas on ways to make Bancroft “greener”, all while learning leadership skills. 

Parents you too can get involved!  We desperately need volunteers to help get these students started at lunchtime for the next few weeks, as well as parents who are interested in helping assist with the follow up in class/STEAM lesson plans for each grade.  Please sign up on Konstella for any and all time you can spare.  The training for the in-classroom lesson plans will be given by Recycle Smart Tuesday September 10th right before the start of the PFC meeting at 6:30.  PLEASE JOIN US!  You do not have to stay for the PFC meeting afterwards.

Thanks for helping do your part to make Bancroft “Green”!


Then Green Team Co-Chairs

Amy Golan and Angela Sandoval