School Reopening Documents
Tue, Mar 16 9:03pm

Hi Bobcats -

Reminder we have a Bancroft specific meeting on Thursday night at 7:30pm via Zoom. Please submit your questions in advance using the link provided in that Konstella calendar event

To be best informed prior to the meeting, please read through the following public documents which provide information on various aspects of the remaining school year.

  1. MDUSD and MDEA Hybrid Learning Phase Tentative Agreement

To help parents, I have listed portions of the Tentative Agreement (from the link provided above) that address some of the previously submitted questions. At tonight's MDUSD School Board meeting, they stated they anticipate this Agreement will be finalized at Friday's special School Board meeting.

  • Appendix A – Hybrid Learning Default Bell Schedules for Elementary Schools

  • “In-person Learning Support” – is time when Hybrid In-person Learning Support Students are physically present on a school campus to receive support and intervention. It is teacher directed time labeled on the daily schedule which may include but not be limited to provide small group support, intervention support, tutoring, adult-student check in/connection time,...and to follow up with targeted students from daily live interaction.
  • “Virtual Learning Support” - is time when 100% Distance Learning Students are receiving virtual support from an assigned teacher. It is teacher directed time labeled on the daily schedule which may include but not be limited to provide small group support, intervention support, tutoring, adult-student check in/connection time, ..., and to follow up with targeted students from daily live interaction.


  • Section 2.2.3: Beginning March 25, 2021, Preschool through 2nd grade, and SDC classes listed in Appendix A students whose parent/guardian have elected for them to become Hybrid Learning Students will return to their school to attend In-person Learning Support sessions, and those students whose parent/guardian have elected for them to remain 100% Distance Learning Students will be assigned to a Virtual Learning Support session. 
  • Section 2.2.4: On March 29, 2021, students in grades 3-12 whose parent/guardian have elected for them to become Hybrid Learning Students will return to their school to attend In-person Learning Support sessions, and those students whose parent/guardian have elected for them to remain 100% Distance Learning Students will be assigned a Virtual Learning Support session.
  • Section 2.13: 
    • the following amounts of daily live interaction on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:
      • TK-K 90 minutes
      • 1-3rd Grade 120 minutes
      • 4-5th Grade 120 minutes
    • the following amounts of daily live interaction on Wednesday:
      • TK-K 45 minutes
      • 1-3 60 minutes
      • 4-5 60 minutes
  • Section 2.28.3:  Students in each group will attend In-person Learning Support two (2) days each week, either Monday and Tuesday (Group A) or Thursday and Friday (Group B)
  • Section 2.3.3: During the HLP all students will receive synchronous or asynchronous instruction and content five days per week. The lesson design and type of instruction provided shall be at the discretion of the classroom teacher in accordance with SB98. Wednesdays shall be exclusively asynchronous instruction and shall include Daily Live Interaction
  • Section 2.9: Elementary School bargaining unit members and administration at each site shall collaborate to create a recess / break schedule for use during In-Person Learning Support. This schedule will include a 10 minute break for students, and during that time each bargaining unit member shall have at least a ten-minute duty-free break.


  • Section 2.27.4: At the elementary level, each student’s school supplies shall be separated and stored in individually labeled storage containers, cubbies, or areas, provided by the District.


  • Section School staff shall limit the number of in-person visits to classroom stable groups in order to maintain the stability of the stable groups and to minimize the spread of the illness. Staff not assigned as the primary Stable Group teacher shall primarily use virtual methods of instructing or interacting with the Stable Group.


  • Section 3.8: Protocols to ensure proper distancing, masking, and movement related to recess, transitions, passing periods, arrivals, and departures will be developed at each school site and shared with all bargaining unit members at the site.
  • Section 3.9:  Each school site shall have a supervised location where students can be picked up or released to their parent/guardian to go home.
  • Section 3.10: Each school will have a designated isolation / health area for students who may be exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Section 3.11:  Anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 shall immediately be sent to the isolation/ health area, and separated from others to limit exposure.
  • Section 3.16: The District shall ensure that all areas where a symptomatic person was are cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected immediately.
  • Section 3.20: Sanitization, and disinfecting of schools and District work sites, including restrooms, classrooms, offices, and common spaces will occur daily. Spaces will be cleaned consistent with the established custodial routes established for each school or workspace. This will include common touch points, desks, plexiglass barriers, equipment, etc. Additional deep cleaning, sanitization, and disinfecting will immediately take place in areas when/if a confirmed COVID-19 case occurs.
  • Section 3.22: All classrooms and workspaces shall be fully equipped at all times with all of the following: alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least sixty percent (60%) alcohol, disinfectant spray solution, and paper towels. Further, all classrooms and workspaces that have sinks shall have soap, and the District shall ensure the sinks are in working order.
  • Section 3.26.2: All individuals shall wash their hands or use hand sanitizer frequently throughout the day, including upon entering district sites and every time a classroom or workspace is entered; after coughing or sneezing; after classes where they handle shared items; before touching their face; and before and after using the restroom.
  • Section 3.27: Students on campus shall go to any recess or break with their stable groups. These recesses or breaks shall be scheduled at times that are staggered, to the extent possible, and stable groups shall be separated from one another.
  • Sections 3.28.2: Students shall not be allowed on campus more than fifteen (15) minutes before the start of In-Person Learning Support nor stay on campus more than 15 minutes after the end of In-Person Learning Support unless conducting legitimate school business.  
  • Section 3.28.3: Game courts, play structures, and play equipment shall be cleaned and disinfected between uses.
  • Section 3.32.2: To the extent required by law, the District shall offer COVID-19 testing at no cost to In Person Learning Support Students at least every 14 days while the county is in Tier 2 Substantial Red.
  • Section 3.33.1: Visitors to classrooms shall not be allowed without prior notice and will be permitted only when absolutely necessary and if physical distancing can be ensured. Any permitted visitor will wear appropriate PPE and adhere to physical distancing requirements.
  • Section 3.33.3: All individuals entering campus will complete a daily COVID-19 health attestation, on paper or digitally, and be notified they must follow physical distancing, face coverings and hygiene requirements.
  • Section 3.33.11: Students shall be directed to stay home if they have any COVID-19 symptoms and they shall be encouraged to get tested.


  • Section 4.1.2: all Non-Classroom Teacher bargaining unit members shall remain 100% Distance Educators.
  • Section Elementary Librarians shall follow a virtual push-in model or small group instruction based on the needs of the students/site remotely in order to minimize exposure and contacts.
  • Section Elementary Vocal & Instrumental Music teachers shall follow a virtual push-in model or small group instruction based on the needs of the students/site remotely in order to minimize exposure and contacts.
  • Section Elementary Resource Specialists shall continue providing virtual support but may also, on a case-by-case basis, be required to provide in person services if the student is not able to benefit from virtual support as outlined in an Emergency Circumstances Program / distance learning plans.