Volunteers for Art/STEAM
Wed, Sep 7 3:28pm
Hello Families,
If you have any interest in helping with Art and/or STEAM classes, both in class or from home, please join Art Appreciation committee 2022-2023 on Konstella as a volunteer. Ideally there will be at least 2 volunteers from each class, if it is already full but you are interested in joining, please contact me either through Konstella or email kutsela@mdusd.org. To volunteer in classroom you will need to be fingerprinted through the district, have an updated TB test and be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. You do not need to meet these requirements if you are volunteering from home. 
Art Appreciation Committee is where I will post days/times when you can volunteer, as well as other opportunities to help from home (things like sorting projects, mounting artwork or assembling portfolios). I will also have a Donuts for the Arts day coming up in couple of weeks, where you can learn about procedures in our classroom, as well as learn where everything is located.  

Please sign up at >> Open Konstella App>> Tap Directory>> Tap Browse Committees>> Tap ART/STEAM Volunteers 2022/2023.

Thank you so much for helping to make our year as successful, fun and educational as possible! 
Ms. Alisa (Art and STEAM)