Walk-a-Thon Envelopes and Shirt Reminder
Thu, Oct 20 2:46pm

Happy Thursday! A quick note that adult-size WAT t-shirts are SOLD OUT! Get your student t-shirt order in TODAY to make sure your child gets their shirt in time!


Walk-a-thon envelopes have been distributed to classrooms and will be coming home in your students' backpack either tomorrow or Monday. They look like the attached photo and are labeled specific to your child.


Now, you may be asking What do I do with this envelope?! Here's the plan:

1. Students can use the cover sheet on the envelope to request and document pledges from friends/family/neighbors etc. Simply write in the name of each sponsor and indicate the pledge amount - either per lap or lump sum amount. Do not write in the "Total Due" or "$ Collected" columns. Use a new line for each sponsor. Do not collect the money from your sponsor yet!

2. Bring your empty envelope BACK to school and return to your teacher on Wednesday 11/2/22.

3. Walk/Run like crazy on 11/4. Volunteers will tally laps and write in the "Total Amount Due from Sponsor" column.

4. Students will receive their tallied envelope back to collect the total due from sponsors and will return the envelope with collected pledge $ to school on Monday 11/14/22.


Sponsors can also donate online at https://app.99pledges.com/fund/bancroftwa/firstname-lastname.


All contributions are tax deductible. Thank you so much for your support! See you on the field!