Art Appreciation

A Group for Art Appreciation leads and volunteers.

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Art Appreciation Chair Signed Up: 2 / 4

Time Commitment: 10 hours the first month of school, then 3 hours a month Busiest Time of the year: August and September The Art Appreciation Coordinator is responsible for overseeing Bancroft’s Art program. Responsibilities include: coordinate Art Appreciation parent volunteers and create a volunteer address list in Konstella; hold monthly training sessions; answer questions as needed throughout the year; order and maintain art supplies in the art room; update art lessons as needed; and, identify art supplies to purchase and keep track of expiration dates. The Art Appreciation Coordinator reports to, and gets support from, the Education Chair.
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art class volunteers Signed Up: 47 / 70

volunteers help with the delivery of the art lesson for their child's classroom. they can sign up to help with every lesson, or just one.
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