Barron Park Elementary - Teacher Appreciation Week
Sun, May 3 5:15pm

Hello Parents of Barron Park Elementary School!

I can hardly believe it's May. I hope you are all doing well enough in your homes and with our new socially-distant school. I think I probably speak for most of us when I say that I miss seeing you  all and your families at school each day. 

Tomorrow, Monday, May 4this the start of teacher appreciation week. And, this year we have so many reasons to to say 'THANK YOU' to our amazing Barron Park teachers & staff.

The PTA, and a few key staff members, have worked to come up with a plan for a socially-distant appreciation week. Hopefully you and your students can participate!

A schedule of events is below, look for more detailed announcements each day... 


Monday, May 4th - Virtual Bouquets

Traditionally, to kick off teacher appreciation week our students bring flowers from their gardens (or the store or the walk to school) to create beautiful bouquets for their teachers.  Instead, this year we will flood them with photos, videos, drawings, or collages of flowers to make a virtual bouquet!


Tuesday, May 5th - Coffee on the PTA

We've re-allocated the traditional PTA coffee budget to send each teacher an electronic coffee gift card.


Wednesday, May 6th - FlipGrid E-Card
Thanks to Mrs. Cleland we've established a flipgrid e-card for each teacher.  Upload a video of your student saying thank you to their teacher. The FlipGrids will be sent out to each teacher on Wednesday afternoon. 


Thursday, May 7th - Principal's Thank you 

Mr. Goddard has something planned... shhh. don't tell...


Friday, May 8thPTA Thank You

Last it will be our turn for a little surprise for the staff. Again we've re-allocated the budget we would have spent on a catered lunch for Amazon gift cards for the staff.


Thank you all! Please do remember throughout the week to take a moment to say thank you to the teachers, aides, and specialists who are working so hard to support our children during this difficult time. 


Take care of yourselves, and each other!

Elizabeth Gardner

Barron Park PTA President