City Council 12/16 vote on Cell Towers near Schools
Fri, Dec 13 12:06pm

Note: The following is not a school sponsored communication and is provided as informational to the community.


City Council 12/16 vote on Cell Towers near Schools and Residences

The City of Palo Alto has approved and permitted a cell tower 200 feet from Barron Park Elementary school, despite a PAUSD school board resolution recommending 1500 foot cell tower setbacks from schools. On Monday Dec 16, the Palo Alto City Council will be considering an update to the wireless resolution to include cell tower setbacks from schools and residences. The current draft under consideration includes only a 20 ft setback from residences and a 300 ft setback from schools. 


You can email to ask them to support strong setbacks, and join us at the 7 p.m. meeting on Monday at City Hall (250 Hamilton Ave). For more info, contact Tina:

Background info:

* In April 2019, the Palo Alto City Council voted to ask city staff to consider cell tower setbacks from homes and schools and return with an updated wireless ordinance as soon as possible. 

* In May 2019, the Palo Alto PTA Council (the Council governing all PAUSD PTAs) voted to authorize the Health and Wellness committee to advocate for “risk reduction policies” regarding cell tower setbacks from schools and other electromagnetic field related issues. 

* In June 2019, the PAUSD School Board passed a resolution asking for 1500 ft setbacks of cell towers from schools. The current draft City Council resolution calls for a no-exceptions policy of only 300 ft from schools and 20 ft from homes.

* Link to the full City of Palo Alto staff report is here: