Did you Walk the Walk-a-thon?
Fri, Nov 8 4:46pm

The 1st Annual Barron Park Walk-a-thon was a Success!

The 1st annual Barron Park Walk-a-thon is in the books! Did you know that nearly ⅔'s of Barron Park Elementary attended the Walk-a-thon? And that a total of 3 Golden Sneakers ended up being awarded to Barron Park classes at Monday's assembly? It all really happened! 


Thank-you to our Students
Thank-you to all parents, volunteers, staff and thanks most of all to students for participating! We are a better Barron Park community when we can all take part! 


Golden Sneakers Update
A total of 3 Golden Sneakers were awarded at this Monday's assembly. Congratulations to Ms. Haley's and Ms. Callahan's class for winning the Golden Sneaker awards for participation, and to Mr. Nick's class for completing the most laps!


And there's More Community Fun to Come
If you didn't get to the Bee a Hero! Walk-a-thon this year, we are sorry we missed you! There will be more activities to get involved with throughout the school year. Keep an ear out to Konstella, eNews and School Announcements to take part in what's next at Barron Park!


A few Walk-a-thon wrap up items:


  • Please Give your Thanks!
    Did your friends or family give a pledge? Did teachers or staff encourage you during a lap? Please reach out to anyone who helped you during the Walk-a-thon, this includes friends or family providing pledges, corporate sponsors, and your parents, teachers and staff from the event. 

  • Student Pledges - Only One Week Left to Give!
    If you have an envelope with pledges, please drop it off at the school office or with your teacher. Our ePledge site https://barronpark.walkstarter.org/ will remain open for just 1 more week. Please make final donations with family and friends next week if you can.

  • Did You Get Good Photos or Video?
    Do you have pictures or video of the event to share? Please email chrisparikh@gmail.com or scottericanderson@gmail.com with any photos so that we can generate a wrap-up video of the event! We want to make it better next year and a proper hype video will help make that happen.

Here are a few great photos from Barron Park's 1st Annual Walk-a-thon!


One Final Thank-you to Corporate Sponsors, Students, and Everyone who made Barron Park's 1st Annual Walk-a-thon a Success!





THE WALKATHON IS HERE IN TWO DAYS! We're so excited to count the final hours until we kick off the first Annual Barron Park Walkathon!! THE WALKATHON IS HERE IN JUST TWO DAYS!

Here are the final things you need to know.


  • The Walkathon is Saturday October 26th, 10am - 1pm, registration starts at 9:45am.
  • The current forecast is excellent - sunny with a high of 81.
  • Walkathon spirit day is Friday!
  • Shirts are in and every student will receive one at school.  Feel free to wear it or your Superhero costume to the Walkathon!
  • Don't forget to sign and bring your waiver to save time in line.
  • Our PE teacher, Mr. Luppe will be leading a special warmup.
  • Highlights of event: Prizes, Bounce house, Music, Awarding of Golden Sneaker.
  • Questions? Contact Chris or Scott, PTA VPs Fundraising, chrisparikh@gmail.com or scottericanderson@gmail.com
  • Volunteers: Open Volunteer Positions on Konstella



9:45    -  Registration and Check-in

10:15 -  Welcome and Warm-ups

10:20 - 1:00 - Walk!


Wellness Booths  (see attached flyer or view flyer here) 

10:00 - 1:00


Mini Wellness Classes  (in Multi-purpose Room) 

10:30 - 10:50 - Zumba (kids welcome!)

11:30 - 11:50 - Family Yoga (kids welcome!)

12:30 - 12:50 - Adult Yoga




 For additional info, please  see the attached flyer or view flyer here!




Bee A Hero (Zzé un Heroe) Walkathon is Saturday October 26th 10am-1pm!

The course is set, music is queued, parent MC's are ready, teachers and staff will be on hand to walk and cheer, and Barron Park's very own Mr. Luppe  will lead the warmups! Only one question remains -- which class will win the Golden Sneakers??


¡Este evento es para todos, Las camisetas se distribuirán la próxima semana!  ¿Cuántas vueltas vas a caminar? ¿Y quién ganará el zapato de oro? 


The Walk-a-Thon is for Everyone

Regardless of grade, age, or ability, all students should take part. Come enjoy the bounce house, music, parent MC’s, face-painting, prizes, 2x food trucks (El Grullense, Mr. Softee Ice Cream), bake sale, wellness booths, and healthy-, fun-, active- walking! Stay for a 1/2 hour or the entire event! Registration starts at 9:45am on October 26th! 


¡La PTA alienta el 100% de participación e invita a TODOS los estudiantes a unirse en la diversión en el primer Walk-a-thon de Barron Park! ¡Cada estudiante que camina una vuelta ayuda a recaudar fondos para nuestra escuela y cada estudiante recibirá una camiseta de Barron Park!  Habrá agua y meriendas para todos los caminantes y un camión de comida (El Grullense) estará en el lugar durante todo el evento. El helado Mister Softie también estará disponible para su compra. Llegue a las 9:45 a.m. para registrarse en Oct 26th!


Parents and Siblings too?

Yes! Siblings and friends may take Guest Lap Cards to track laps, and everyone is welcome to walk! PTA has arranged many health and wellness booths at the event: 

  • Heart health booth (with Stanford Physicians and Nurses by  Revive Initiative)
  • Skin health booth  (by L&P Aesthetics)
  • Dental health booth(by Dr. Christian Lee)
  • Nutrition booth (by Good Eggs)

And don't miss special parent-led Mindfulness booth and Body Health Sessions (with body-healthy Zumba and Yoga!).  Many volunteer positions are still open!


¡Padres y hermanos bienvenidos! ¡No te lo pierdas! Caminar es saludable y también lo son las cabinas de bienestar: salud de la piel, salud del corazón y RCP, atención plena, nutrición, cabinas de salud dental son solo una muestra de lo que la comunidad puede participar. 


Healthy Competition: Two Golden Sneaker Awards

The 1st Golden Shoe Award goes to the class with the most participation. The 2nd Golden Shoe Award goes to the class completing the most laps. Each loop is approx 0.18mi. Stay Fit and Support your class and School next Saturday. How many laps will you walk?


¡La clase con la mayor participación gana El Zapato de Oro numero uno! ¡El segundo Zapato de Oro para la clase con más vueltas! ¿Cuántas vueltas vas a caminar?


T-Shirts for Every Student

PTA has purchased 250 shirts, one for each student. Shirts will be distributed at school next week! Students who don’t get their T-Shirt before the event will receive theirs the following week.


¡Las camisetas se distribuirán la próxima semana!


Prizes and Fun

Similar to Chuck-E-Cheese, laps can be exchanged for prizes such as wrist-bands, stickers, buttons, temporary tattoos, face painting, jump ropes, or premium prizes like a BP backpack or BP water bottle! And, There will be a bounce house. 


¡Disfrute atmósfera de carnaval, con comida, premios, música, pintura de caras y un castillo inflable! Se alienta a los padres y hermanos a caminar con los estudiantes. Habrá agua y meriendas para todos los caminantes y un camión de comida (El Grullense) estará en el lugar durante todo el evento. El helado Mister Softie también estará disponible para su compra.

BIG Corporate Donations paint a picture of support

We’ve wrapped up corporate fundraising and the community sent a clear message in support of a healthy, active Barron Park with $12,750.00 of local corporate donations!


Online and Cash Fundraising**: Dear Uncle Joe…  

Students can raise funds for Barron Park if they wish, and sharing the donation link with Uncle Joe is simplest. Students may choose to customize their own fundraising page. If you have gathered cash or check donations using the Student Sponsor envelope, please bring them to the event.

Ya hay patrocinadores corporativos y cada dólar va directamente a nuestra escuela. Ahora los estudiantes pueden recaudar dinero para Barron Park. Envíe por correo electrónico el enlace de donación a sus abuelos, tías y tíos y vecinos o recolecte donaciones en efectivo en el sobre provisto a todos los estudiantes.  La recaudación de fondos es completamente opcional.


**Fundraising is completely optional /  La recaudación de fondos es completamente opcional


Join the Fun this Saturday!

The party starts at 10AM on Saturday October 26th and goes until 1pm. Wear your Yellow Barron Park Walk-a-thon Shirt, a Hero-inspired costume, or whatever you feel comfortable walking in! Registration opens at 9:45am and a pre-signed waiver will save you time getting your lap card.  How many laps will you walk?  See you at the Walkathon!


Llegue a las 9:45 a.m. para registrarse y dejar ésta exención (waiver). El curso estará abierto entre las 10 a.m. y las 1 p.m en la tarde. Use su camiseta Walkathon, disfraz de héroe o lo que sea cómodo. ¿Cuántas vueltas vas a caminar?


Sincerely / Sinceramente

Barron Park Elementary PTA


Helpful Info and Links:

  • What: Barron 1st Annual Walkathon
  • When: Saturday October 26th, 10am - 1pm, registration starts at 9:45am.
  • Where: Barron Park Elementary
  • Who: Everyone including students and Siblings
  • Food?: Yes, there will be food trucks (El Gruillense and Mr. Softee and a Bake Sale)
  • Drinks? Yes, there will be an aid station for walkers on the 0.18mi walking loop.
  • WaiversPre-print waivers here to expedite registration
  • Online FundraisingBarron Park Walkstarter
  • VolunteeringOpen Volunteer Positions on Konstella


BIG THANK-YOU to our Corporate Community Sponsors!




The Barron Park Elementary 1st Annual Walkathon is coming up on Saturday, October 26 from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm.


This event is for EVERYONE!! We encourage 100% participation and invite ALL STUDENTS to join the fundraising fun at our first annual Walk-a-thon!! Every student that walks a lap helps raise funds for our school and Every student receives a Barron Park T-shirt!


Help raise funds at  https://barronpark.walkstarter.org


Please see the attached flyer for more details!

Questions? Contact Chris or Scott, PTA VPs Fundraising, chrisparikh@gmail.com or scottericanderson@gmail.com




El primer Walkathon anual de Barron Park Elementary es el sábado 26 de octubre de 10:00 am - 1:00 pm.


¡¡Este evento es para TODOS!! ¡Alentamos al 100% de participación e invitamos a TODOS LOS ESTUDIANTES a divertirse en nuestro primer Walk-a-thon anual! ¡Cada estudiante que camina una vuelta ayuda a recaudar fondos para nuestra escuela y cada estudiante recibe una camiseta de Barron Park!


Ayudar a recaudar fondos en https://barronpark.walkstarter.org


¡Vea el folleto adjunto para más detalles!

Preguntas? Contacto Chris or Scott, PTA VPs Fundraising, chrisparikh@gmail.com or scottericanderson@gmail.com