PTA General Membership Meeting Agenda
Tue, Aug 29 1:22pm
Barron Park Elementary

PTA invites all parents to attend our first PTA general membership meeting of the year as a apart of back-to-school night. The meeting is from 6:15pm to 6:45pm just after the K-2 classroom visits and just before the grade 3-5 classroom visits. Here is the agenda for your reference. 


Barron Park PTA General Meeting Agenda

August 29, 2017  in Barron Park Elementary Multi-Purpose Room


  • Principal's Welcome (Anne Brown)
  • President's’ Welcome (Lindsey Schroeder and Joanna Rashid)
    • -approve minutes from last general meeting meeting (vote required)
    • -PiE vs. PTA
    • -Konstella (Joanna Rashid)
  • PiE Fundraising (Pat Sullivan, BP PiE Chairman)
  • Treasurer’s Report (Pearlin Yang, Treasurer)
    • -approve checks (vote required)
    • -approve 2017-2018 budget (vote required)
  • PTA Fundraising (Elizabeth Gardner, VP Fundraising)
  • Special matter (Lindsey Schroeder, Co-President)
  • New school video (Jim Godfrey, Co-VP Communications)