Rehearsal/Snack Parent Sign-Up M, T, TH
Barron Park Elementary

Hello theater parents,


We're thrilled your child is joining Palo Alto Children's Theater's production of Treasure Island at Barron Park.


Per BP PTA and PA Children's Theater policy, we need one parent present at each practice. It's a pretty easy job. PACT staff runs the rehearsals. You may be asked to help here or there, but the job mostly consists of hanging out... and snacks!  We ask that the each parent bring snacks for all the kids on the day you sign up to supervise.


Please bring enough snacks for 32 kids. No fancy snacks necessary.  For example you might bring granola bars and tangerines, or string cheese and apples.  Any simply healthy snack will do. All the kids can drink water from their own water bottles or drinking fountain. Please do not bring drinks. The volunteer parent will distribute the snacks at the break which occurs half way through the rehearsal.


Each parent should sign up for at least 1 rehearsal.  Thank you in advance for your help!


Let me know if you have questions.