THIS WEEK: Auditions for The Stinky Cheese Man
Mon, Nov 27 4:20pm
Barron Park Elementary


Auditions for The Stinky Cheese Man are this week!

4th & 5th Grade: Tuesday, November 28, 2:45-4:45 Room 20

3rd Grade: Wednesday, November 29 1:30-3:00 Room 20

*Please read and fill in the attached forms for all auditioning participants 


Those with conflicts may audition either day, this includes those with after-school reading & math programs.  If your child is a part of the reading and/or math programs, the Palo Alto Children's Theatre will accommodate scheduling conflicts (for these two programs only).


Note: Mandatory rehearsals are 01/30/18 - 02/07/18.


Additional questions? Please contact Laurie at