We're doing great! Fall Fundraising is 1/3rd to GOAL!!
Fri, Aug 30 2:41pm
Barron Park Elementary

Great News! We're already 1/3 of the way to our Fundraising Goal! Donate Now


Barron Park PTA Fall Fundraising is in Full Swing!

 Over 80% of BP PTA funding goes directly into BP classrooms -- BP Field Trips, BP Supplies, BP Events, BP Library, BP School Programs, and BP Maker Studio, to name a few. Why do California public schools need to fund raise? Funding for CA public schools is far lower than other highly ranked school districts across the country. Barron Park Elementary's goal is to raise $25,000 this fall. 

It's Easy to Donate:
Don't Forget Corporate Matching:
  • You can DOUBLE or TRIPLE your donation with corporate matching. For example, Apple will TRIPLE employee's donations through the month of August!
  • Please take advantage if your company matches donations!

Thank you to those who have donated! 
We've already hit the 1/3rd mark! Keep the donations up! We make a great impact in our school when we invest together!