***Privacy & Courtesy on Konstella***
Fri, Feb 7 11:24am

Hello Bay Farm families, 


I want to take a moment of your time to remind everyone that Konstella should be a safe space where fellow community members are treated with respect and courtesy. We all come from diverse experiences and perspectives and a lot can be gained from understanding each other as people. There can also be times where we also diverge which is ok but we need to be respectful of each other despite those differences. After all, parenting is a deeply personal journey. Our community values everyone so let us celebrate together both our similarities and differences.


As a reminder, Konstella is a contained community where you don't need to share any of your personal information to participate. To review what information you might be sharing (personal email, phone number, address) just click on your name and select "Account Settings". From there,  click on "Privacy" where you can opt in or out of sharing any personal information.


I hope that we can continue making use of this tool to more easier and greenly share information within classes, committees and community.