6th Annual Science & Engineering Fair Winners!
Sat, Feb 8 8:44am

Dear Bay Farm Families, 


We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 6th Annual Bay Farm Science & Engineering Fair:


Grade-level Awards
  Place Name(s) Project Title
Kindergarten 1st Austin Li Does playing video games make your heart excited?
  2nd Benjamin Norton Which is the best way to clean hands?
  3rd Max Luna Which buildings will fall down in an earthquake?
  HM Lillian Geiman
Aria Bey
Discover Elsa's Frozen Powers
  HM Luke Ooi Car Weight & Speed
1st Grade 1st Emily Rozenek The Moldy Question
  2nd Autumn Chan
Alice Varner
Hello, Can You Hear Me?
  3rd Derin Goktan What is more dense?
  HM Rowan Davidson Do different sodas have the same amount of gas?
2nd Grade 1st Avery Gardner (Dunn) It’s Wingardium Leviosa!
  2nd Kobe Ichihara
Dominic Lim
Zachery Lim
  3rd Autumn Clements Yummy, Yummy in y Tummy
  HM Sania Hassan Sweet and Salty
3rd Grade 1st Olivia Schreiner Leal Testing my Thermos Container to keep my Food Warmer
  2nd Miles Denery Egg Crash Helmet
  3rd Molly Cho
Phoebe McKinney
Bubble Gum Blowout
  HM Sebastian Leung How can artificial light help plant growth?
4th Grade 1st Anson Breuer Crystal Rocks
  1st Sienna Rose Arroyo Dangerous devices: Are cell phones bad for your health
  2nd Will Winklosky Coin Flip: Random or Can Be Influenced
  2nd Kaan Goktan Do hot air balloons rise due to heat?
  3rd Jonathan Tamir Electromagnets!
  3rd Maya Davidson
Cambrya Batz-Smith
Too much sugar
  HM Keenan Chan Ironman's Favorite Foods
  HM Ryan Gallagher Rainy Day Pants
5th Grade 1st Scarlett Koppin
Gigi Ooi
Does Music Affect the Way We Taste?
  2nd Jacob Rozenek The Soil and the Pea
  3rd Ava Rivera Music for the Heart
  HM Devon Shimabukuro
Zoe Yardeni
Right Brain v.s. Left Brain
6th Grade 1st Krista Mehlberg
Kaitlin Ong
Electromagnetic Train
  2nd Mateo Esparrago
Diego Leung
Video Games for the Blind
  3rd Charlotte Morrison Wilson
Isabel Gallo
Testing The Waters
  HM Zhidan(Anna) Huang Transforming Yogurt into Ravioli
7th & 8th 1st Kai Hannigan
Christopher Wootton
Magnet Gloves
  2nd Viola Warming Facial Bacteria: To grow or not to grow?
  3rd Eddy Meals
Owen Jiang
Does Sleep Affect Reaction Time?
  HM Zoe Larsen
Naomi Larsen (7th & 5th)
Elephant Toothpaste
Mayor's Award's
Most Unexpected Outcome Avery Li, 2nd Grade What prevents condensation on a mirror?
  Avery found that none of the products that she tried actually prevented condensation but she won't be deterred and plans to try detergent next time because she wants to see out of the car window on her next road trip. Keep us posted Avery!
Ryan Gallagher, 4th Grade Rainy Day Pants
Ryan's commitment to science meant getting wet on his walk to school on rainy days. While he discovered that none of his pants were waterproof, he also realized his best bet was to wear the lightest weight pants so they'd dry quicker.
Most Interesting Concept for an Experiment Lillian Geiman and Aria Bey, Kindergarten Discover Elsa's Frozen Powers
  Dreamed up by Disney and inspired by Frozen, these two kindergarteners had a blast trying to make ice crystals outside of the freezer. Hearing them discuss their experiment exemplified how kid-driven the project was, and how the creative concept evolved.
Sienna Arroyo, 4th Grade Dangerous Devices! Are cellphones bad for your health?
Devices are all around us, they help us communicate with each other and make things much more convenient. We don't always stop and think about whether their mere presence can negatively impact us.


If you were unable to attend last night's award's ceremony and need to collect your ribbon, please send me an email at: scifair@bayfarmptsa.org  



The Science & Engineering Fair team