Alameda Education Foundation Enrichment classes - Minecraft "YouTubers" and S.T.E.A.M. Island Challenge Maker classes still have space
Mon, Sep 17 1:20pm
Bay Farm School
Two really great classes still have space and are starting soon - join the fun!
Minecraft YouTubers: “Let’s Play”
Learn what it takes to make epic Minecraft videos for YouTube like TheDiamondMinecart, CaptainSparklez, Stampy, and more! Whether you want to make a “Let’s Play” video, a funny skit, a build battle, or something even cooler, you’ll have the tools and expert help needed to make your dreams a reality! And all the while we’ll learn about internet safety so that when class is over, we can upload your video to YouTube!
Grades: Grades 2-5
Dates: Sept 25 - Nov 6, 2018
Cost: $180
S.T.E.A.M. Program-Island Challenge "Fantastic Fiction
Fantastic Fiction Island - Students put their "Maker" hats on to work in teams with their box of "stuff" to create their challenge each week. The Fantastic Fiction program uses books children know and love as their creative vehicle. Once upon a time there was a page-turning island that transformed favorite children's books into action-packed STEAM adventures. Challenge Island©’s all new Fantastic Fiction Island© is a learning adventure of epic proportions. You and a tribeful of friends will engineer your way through stories galore from the Magic Treehouse to Captain Underpants to Harry Potter. This hot-off-the-presses island is sure to be a bestseller so reserve your spot today!
Grades: Gr. 1-5
Dates: Sept 20 - Nov 1, 2018
Cost: $180
To register please go to and click on the blue enrichment button