Bay Farm Membership and Donation
Sat, Aug 19 7:02pm
Bay Farm School

Hello Bay Farm Parents,


I want to send a note to clarify a little bit of a confusing UI for Konstella when it comes to the online membership form.  It is a bit hidden and not at the place where you would think to look.  The page to join membership is under "Sales".  I have asked Konstella to change this already so we will see.  You can also follow this link to get you there.


After you have joined the PTSA, please go to the donation page and make a tax deductible donation to our PTSA.  We depend on parent donations in order to sustain the awesome programs we provide for our kids at Bay Farm.  You can also follow the link here


Don't forget to look into company matching.  Many corporations in the Bay Area offers donation matching to non-profit organization like ours.  If you have family members who wish to donate, there is also an external link you can send to them.  They don't have to be registered with Konstella to make the donation.


Have a great weekend and sorry for the intrusion.  See you all on Monday at the Back to School Breakfast! 



Spencer Tse

PTSA President