Bay Farm Robotics Club and AEF tournament teams
Thu, Dec 12 12:16am

Dear Bay Farm Parents,


It's almost that time of the year again to start up Bay Farm Robotics Club for middle school and elementary school.  There are some changes this year to comply with the AEF sponsored island wide robotics competition.  Here are the highlights:


1. There is an application form that each student must complete

2. Registration with AEF begins Jan 24th, all members must be registered before we can practice

3. Official first AEF team competition practice is last week of Feb


Ms. Oducayen and I will head up the middle school club/team and Mike Tamir and I will partner to together to help the elementary (4th/5th) club/team this year.   For planning purposes, the middle school team will meet on Tuesdays from 3:10-5:00PM in P11 and the elementary team will meet on Fridays from 3:10-5:00PM in P11.  I will publish the application form shortly and please complete the form and return to Ms. Oducayen by January 7th (Tuesday after I came back)  This is true for both the middle school and elementary team.   Space will be limited and we will inform the applicants one week later or sooner.


Since the teams cannot meet to practice for the competition before the end of Feb, I would like for us to meet as a club prior to that, however, to be familiar with the robot we will be using and practice coding.  Software is a big component of robotics so students really need to understand how that works.  The emphasis will be more on programming then building robots.  I will send out more information later about club meetings and the schedule.


Finally, these types of AEF sponsored STEAM programs rely on donations from their partners.  Alameda Municipal Power has been a major donor to AEF through its Power Up for Learning program.   Alameda residence can add $1 or any amount to their monthly bill and that money will go directly to help AEF fund STEAM programs.  If you are interested in help AEF sponsor more STEAM programs like robotics competition across the island, please follow this link to complete the donation form.


If every household is willing to donate $1/month to the Power-Up-for-Learning program, AEF would be able to fund a lot of STEAM enrichment programs that will have a huge impact on our kids' education journey  Please consider donating.


See you on campus some time and be on the lookout for more information on the robotics club! In the meantime, please reach out to Ms. Oducayen, Mike, or myself if you have questions.