Bay Farm School Halloween Parade
Wed, Oct 31 12:30pm-1:10pm
Bay Farm School

Dear Bay Farm Families,


You are invited to the first Bay Farm Halloween Parade! It will be on October 31st from 12:30-1:10 around the neighborhood surrounding the school. Kids who are not participating will be able to do crafts in one classroom, supervised by a teacher. Kids are welcome to wear their costumes all day or change into them at lunch. No masks which cover the face and no fake weapons.


The parade route will be starting in the quad, then going out Tillman Park, down Kofman Pkwy, up Dublin, then up the tree lined path and back into the quad for a dance party and to hear the results of the pumpkin carving contest. Parents are welcome to dress up too!


What I would prefer is to have the room parents (or 1-2 parent volunteers) walk along side the classroom in the parade to keep the kids lined up properly, and have the rest of the parents along the parade route to take pictures. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me. Laurel Arroyo (415) 595 3795 or (I am Lucia and Sienna Arroyo's mom)