Bay Farm Update for week of March 19th
Mon, Mar 19 1:50pm
Bay Farm School

Dear Bay Farm Families,


There's lots of update for this week that I didn't get to send out as a reminder last week so here's the breakdown.


Special Board of Education Meeting - Tonight (3/19)


Tonight's meeting is at Island High, not the usual location and it's main topic is the realignment of the AUSD budget.  If you are interested in hearing what's happening with the AUSD budget, please attend.


Volunteers NEEDED for the day of the auction:


The auction committee has done an awesome job in putting our special 25th Anniversary celebration auction for you this year.  Putting together such an even requires a lot of work and help from volunteers like YOU!  A successful auction will enable us to continue to support the various programs we have at Bay Farm.   We are still  looking for a number of volunteers to help out on the day of the auction.  Please go to the sign up sheet by following this link and volunteer if you are able


Other Fundraising happening:


Good Eggs:   We get FREE money ($1500) from Good Eggs if we can achieve our goal of getting 10 new sign ups with them.  Click HERE to register  and use our school code.  If you are already a Good Eggs customer, follow this link to make your purchases during the months of March and April and Good Eggs will donate 10% of your purchase price to our school!  Our school code  is bf2018.   


Science Fair:


We had two great workshops last week.  Kid really showcased their analytical skills.  This year, our annual science fair is on April 27th.  We had a total of 117 entries last year and we are looking to surpass that number this year!  If your child has ever asked you "Why does....happen?"  Encourage them to answer one of those questions themselves by following the scientific methodology and submit a project for the science fair and share their findings!!!  It is OK to submit group projects (very much encouraged) , although teams of 3 is probably the max I would recommend.  Kids from different grades can work together and maybe the classroom buddies would like to work together, perhaps?  The science boards and all the related materials (example experiment, science fair packet, as well as the judges sheet)are in the office.  Sign up on the sheet and pick up a board!