Bike Trains / Walking School Buses / Carpools
Wed, Dec 11 2:08pm

Do you want your kids to walk or ride a bike to school but are concerned about them traveling alone? Then, have we got a group for you!


Join the "Bike Trains / Walking School Bus / Carpool" Social Group here on Konstella to connect with other families looking to do the same.


This group is for families who want to work together to organize groups that will walk, bike  or carpool together. With Walking School Buses and Bike Trains, parents might want to take turns leading the group .  Members of the group typically pick up kids along the route as they walk or travel to school or designate one location as a start point. Walking or riding bikes is good for our kids, reduces school traffic and is one way your family can have a positive impact on the environment.”


What’s next?

  1. Join the "Bike Trains / Walking School Bus / Carpool" Social Group
  2. Share your general location in the neighborhood or route your child would take to school.
  3. Reach out to members of the group who might be using the same route or live near you.
  4. Work together to create a plan for your Walking School Bus or Bike Train.
  5. Use the group chat to stay in touch, answer questions and bring in new members.