BikeMobile Report and Thank You
Fri, Nov 22 7:02pm

Dear Bay Farm,


Thank you for your support of Tuesday's BikeMobile. We had enthusiastic student participants from every grade , K-8.  Most bikes just needed tires inflated and chains greased.  In addition, brakes were fixed, seats were raised, inner tubes and tires were replaced, and helmets were adjusted.  An important maintenance message that the students were given, and told to tell their parents, is to make sure tires are checked and pumped up regularly, as well as checking if bikes still fit their children, as some seem to have outgrown their bikes.  The two BikeMobile mechanics  serviced 114 of our bikes in 4 hours, all free of charge!


A big thank you to the parent volunteers and to the Bay Farm teachers who excused students from class to participate. 


I was super excited to see a couple of new riders on my bike commute the last couple of days--perhaps getting their bikes serviced and checked for safety encouraged some of our students to begin riding to school?!


Wishing everyone a wonderful fall break!