Congratulations to the Science Fair winners!
Thu, Mar 21 9:18pm
Bay Farm School

Hello Bay Farm Family,


Another great turn out this year on the science fair.  There were a lot of very interesting and creative projects this year.  Ranging from how the color of leafs may affect photosynthesis to best designs of airplanes.  Thank you to all the kids who participated and I hope everyone had a great time working on these projects and learned something along the way.


Look forward to seeing more projects next year and see what the great creative and curious mind s of Bay Farm students will come up with.


If your child entered a project to the science fair but can make it to the award ceremony, please  come by the MPR tomorrow and pick up your child's board.  It is on the stage at the moment.  The complete list of Ribbon Award recipient will be posted on the PTSA website shortly.


One final thought, we are considering moving the science fair to an earlier time frame (Jan/Feb) of the year in order for our middle school students to have an opportunity to participate in the regional science fair competition.  Stay tuned for more information.  If you have an in coming 6th grader....definately start thinking about a potential project!  Never too early to plan.


Thank You again to all the parents for your guidance to help your child develop their scientific curiosity.



The Science Fair Team

(Judith, Dotti, Nicole)