Cupcake Wars Bakers PLEASE READ
Sat, Nov 2 10:28pm

Hello Bay Farm Bakers!


It's finally here... we can't wait to see your amazing creations at Cupcake Wars on Monday.  We hope you are having fun creating, learning and baking in the kitchen this weekend.  Remember that the main goal is to HAVE FUN!  Please read the following for some important reminders:


- We can only accept cupcakes that have been preregistered. 

- All cupcake entries must be turned into the multipurpose room by 8:00am-8:30am.  Judging will take place in the morning, and we can not accept cupcakes past 8:30am.

- No refrigeration is available, but we try our best to keep them in a cool and dark area.

- Make sure all your cupcake holders and Tupperware are labeled with your name so they don't get lost.

- Attach your ingredients form to your batch of cupcakes.

- No nuts in your recipes please!  (Please note that though we try our best to make sure this is a nut-free competition, we can not guarantee that entries have not been exposed to nuts.  Please be aware of this if you have any food allergies).


Everyone is invited to the evening event at 6:00pm, whether or not you are one of our bakers.  Cupcakes will be sold for $1 each (cash only).  Winners will be announced at approximately 6:30pm.  We'll see you there!