Family STEAM Night #1
Sat, Sep 22 12:10pm
Bay Farm School

Dear Bay Farm Families,


Thanks for coming tonight to our very first Family STEAM night!  I hope you enjoyed the wondeful program put together by the STEAM committee and all the volunteers.


The event was well attending by over 120 people, 72 of which are kids K-8.   If you have taken any pictures at the event, please share them with me and I will post them to Konstella and share with everyone.


I hope to see you at the next Family STEAM night on October 12th.  The focus of our next STEAM night will be physics and engineering focused.  We will have  contest to see who can build lauch their pumpkins most accuratley towards a specific target.  The idea is that you will build your catapult, along with your child,  over the next few weeks.   You'll bring your completed simple machine to the Family STEAM night and launch your pumpkin!!


We will be sending additional information, tips and tricks, and entry form  so we can tally how many simple machins we have.  For the lower grades,  they can build table top versions and will be able to join in the fun!   So get your creative juices flowing, design and build your catapults with your child!



STEAM committee