Family STEAM Night #2 - Follow up
Sat, Oct 13 6:09pm
Bay Farm School

Dear Bay Farm Families,


It was great to see you last night and what a turn out!  About 80+ of you came out to make/launch pumpkins with a catapult/trebuchet last night.  Unfortunately for us, the lights didn't cooperate but we had fun launching pumpkins dispite having less then ideal lighting condition.


Attached is some additional information that you can use to continue to work with your kids on the concept of force, potential and kinetic energy with your mini catapults.


Our next Family STEAM night is scheduled for Friday Dec 7th.  This one will have an Art focus and will be spearheaded by our awesome PTSA co-VP of Art Education, Cristina and Kitty.


Hope to see you guys there!  In the words of Casey Kasem  "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!"