Family STEAM Night #2 - October 12th
Wed, Oct 10 3:55am
Bay Farm School

Dear Bay Farm Families,


Just a quick reminder that our next Family STEAM night is this Friday October 12th. 


Please download and complete the attached waiver form and bring it with you.  We need one for each child and adult who attends.  Thank you so much for understanding.


For those of you who plan to bring a "big" catapult/Trebuchet to launch your pumpkin, please remember to bring a couple of pumpkins, not larger then 1lb in size for launching.  If you don't bring a pumpkin, we may not have extras to test out your creation.


Looking forward to seeing you all there to splat some pumpkins.


For those of you who wish to launch smaller candy pumpkins, you can also bring your home built catapult.  If you haven't built one, we will have building supplies so you can build one on site. 


After a couple of launches, families are encouraged to vary the designs a bit and experiment to see which construction factor have the greatest impact on the catapult's launching ability.


Hope to see you guys on Friday!