First Art Docent Meeting this week! (Thursday @ 7 PM and/or Friday @ 8:30 AM)
Mon, Sep 11 10:22pm
Bay Farm School

Hi everyone 

Please join me in our first art volunteers meeting this Thursday @ 7 PM in the MPR (or Friday at 8:30 AM location TBD if you cannot make it on Thursday). Whether you are already volunteering to be an art docent, have done it in the past, or just considering it, this will be a great information session on what is available for this year's art program. Plus an opportunity to network with the other Art Volunteers. Teachers also very welcome!



-  review the art docent program options this year - (We're using Deep Space Sparkle)

- share with you sample lessons and ideas for creating a plan with your teachers.

- Art Auction Year! - Talk about ideas for the art auction, budget and timeline for getting projects completed.

- discuss other art volunteering opportunities and resources

- Family Art Night (coming in February)