Golden Sneaker Contest- Feb 26-March 9
Sun, Feb 25 12:10pm
Bay Farm School

Hey Bay Farm School Families!

The Olympics may be over but your child's class can still bring home the gold!

The Golden Sneaker Contest starts kicks off on Monday, Feb 26 -Friday, March 9.

The Golden Sneaker Contest is a two-week classroom competition that encourages students, parents, teachers and administrators to take the healthy route to school by choosing active or shared transportation options including walking, biking, rolling, skating, scooting, carpooling or taking transit. 
How can your child's class earn a point? 
1. Walk, ride bikes or scooters to school.
2. Carpool with another Bay Farm School family.
3. Even if you have to drive your child to school, you can park a few blocks away and enjoy a brief walk during the contest.
We have two trophies to give out!
Middle School - May the best grade level win!
K-5- One classroom will bring home the gold!