Math Kangaroo Training Sessions starting soon!
Wed, Oct 10 11:21am
Bay Farm School

Oct. 10 Update:


Dear Parents,


We sought help from Alameda Coast Guard on enhancing the Bay Farm School students in critical thinking through Math Kangaroo training. Due to the recovery effort put by the Coast Guard for Hurricane Florence, we can not get enough volunteers for this week's training. The training for grades 5-8 for today's class is thus cancelled. The training for grades 1-4 is going to happen as scheduled. Still, we are still looking for volunteers who can help kids in Bay Farm develop critical thinking capabilities. Please contact Claire or Jason for detail.


Jason G. Su, William's Dad


Is your child interested in participating in the Math Kangaroo competition in March? If so, please join our training sessions!


When:  Wednesdays 1:20-2:30 pm starting 10/10/18

Location:  Grades 1-4 in Mr. Nettles' classroom (114) // Grades 5-8 in Ms. Linderme's classroom (P10) 

Cost: Free 

Requirements: This training is limited to Bay Farm students who are registered to participate in the 2019 Math Kangaroo Competition. You have until 11/1/18 to register with Math Kangaroo before you are dropped from the trainings.


Please see the attached info sheet for more information on trainings and registration for the competition. If you have any questions please contact Jason Su ( ).