Measure A Parcel Tax Campaign Volunteers Needed
Bay Farm School

Hello Bay Farm Families, 


We are looking for volunteers to help spread the word and get out the vote for Measure A, the parcel tax that will be on the March 2020 primary election ballot. This would provide support for our teachers who are currently some of the lowest paid in Alameda County. Learn more about the measure and how to help at


We have been asked to help coordinate local volunteers to go door-to-door, chatting with neighbors and making sure that those who are likely to vote yes will make it to the polls. Please consider helping so that we can get our teachers much needed raises and help in the recruitment and retention of quality teachers!



School Captain Signed Up: 1 / 2

- Recruit and manage your school's block captains. - Attend or call in to volunteer trainings, - Make sure that your captains have all of their materials (ex: fliers and post its), - Host conference calls or meetings to keep your captains on track - Help run communication about the Measure at your school
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Block Captains Signed Up: 5 / 30

You will be assigned a group of about 30 voters in the same general area (a "turf") for whom you will be responsible. Keep track of your voters with a handy app. During the first few weeks of the campaign (official start date of January 9, 2020), please contact ALL of your voters by walking to their homes in your neighborhood.
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