Measure A volunteers desperately needed!
Fri, Jan 10 11:15am

Dear Bay Farm families,

Canvassing for Measure A to support strong schools starts tomorrow and we are in desperate need for volunteers to canvas. Central Alameda is covered well but Bay Farm only has 7 out of 39 areas covered! Would you be able to help?

Measure A is fully endorsed by Principal Crawford and Principal Leung - Principal Leung has even signed up to canvas. You'll be speaking with pre-screened likely voters to confirm their support and encourage them to get to the polls. I will hand you the materials and give you a brief training.

The commitment is as follows:

Phase one: 1/11-2/3 - data collecting and door knocking 6-8 hours

Phase two: 2/22 - 3/3: 2-3 hours get out the vote

If you feel 6-8 hours are too much time to set aside in January, you can get a "turf-buddy" assigned to split the area. Just let me know.

 To sign up, register below:

 Step 1. For Block Volunteers please complete your contact information

Step 2. Sign up as a volunteer on the campaign website at

For more information about the Strong Schools for Alameda campaign, visit the website at

Thank you and lets do this for our fantastic teachers!