Membership, Konstella, and Fundraising - Monday Edition
Sun, Sep 24 11:39pm
Bay Farm School

Dear Bay Farm Parents,


Happy Monday Everyone.  We are coming to the home stretch!  Only two more weeks left for our membership and donations drive.


Thank You to everyone who has donated so far!  The entire Bay Farm School community thanks you.  We are not quite there yet but our goal is within reach.  If you have not had the opportunity yet, please donate by clicking HERE.  Any amount is greatly appreciated!


We are very close to to our membership goal and delivering on that Pizza party to all the kids at Bay Farm School.  No doubt your kids are looking forward to this annual tradition. Click HERE to join.


Finally, we are also very close to having everyone register their child on Konstella.  We are about 140 students away from having full participation!  Having everyone registered and assign their child to a classroom will help facilitate communications!  Please use the link to JOIN if you have not done so.  If have have already registered, please remember to add your child and assign him/her to a classroom.


Have a great week everyone!