Mid-Feb update
Mon, Feb 19 11:19pm
Bay Farm School

Dear Bay Farm Parents,


I hope you have had a nice 4 day weekend and a relaxing break.  Just a couple of reminders.  We have some shopping and fundraising opportunities that are time sensitive.

This spring, Bay Farm School PTSA is running a fundraiser through Good Eggs, the online grocery market in the Bay Area bringing absurdly fresh groceries to your door. Some of the parents at our school already use Good Eggs and swear by it.

In March and April, anytime our school community shops on Good Eggs, they donate 10% back to our school! All you need to do to enroll is visit schools.goodeggs.com and enter the code bf2018.

To kick off the fundraiser, Good Eggs is sending free groceries to our room parents! If you’d like to receive a free grocery delivery, fill out the Free Groceries Form by Thursday, February 22nd.

A couple rules to note:

    • The deadline to fill out the form is Thursday, February 22nd. Good Eggs won’t be able to send free groceries to anyone who submits a request after this date.
    • Room parent grocery deliveries cannot be rescheduled –– if you pick a date that no longer works, Good Eggs can cancel your order, but will not be able to replace it. Please pick a date that you’re sure will work!

We’re so excited for this fundraiser and hope you’ll help us spread the word this spring!

Also be on the look out for our announcements for TEA collection shopping/fundraising opportunity.  It will start Feb 26th.


What better way to earn money for Bay Farm by using the vendors that you are already familiar with?


Speaking of fundraising, mark your calendar for March 24th.  It is the date of our 25th Anniversary Auction - Evening under the Stars!  Guarantee to be fun times so be on the look out for the announcement to purchase tickets to this spectacular event!!!  If you can't make it to the auction, you can still participate in the online auction and bid for your favorite items.  More information will come.


Other notes:  We are still working on getting AUSD approval for replacment shaded structures for our OLC.  Why you might ask is taking so long.....I wish I have a good answer for you.  Rest assured that I'm still working with AUSD's MOF on resolution to this matter.  In the meantime, be sure to remind your child to put on sunscreen and a hat on garden days.


AUSD budget:  Hopefully some of you have had the opportunity to attend the BOE meeting on Feb 13th.  I was able to but I did record the live stream on Comcast Channel 15 and watched it afterwards.   There is still time for us to make our voices heard.  To find out more about what the budget cuts will mean for Bay Farm and other Alameda schools, I will hold a special meeting in early March to discuss this topic.  I invite everyone to attend so that we learn more about this topic.


If you've made it to the end of this announcment, THANK YOU!  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me at bfpta@icloud.com , via Konstella, or come find me at morning drop off.  I'm usually at the K-1 yard, dropping my daughter off.