Oranges in the office - courtesy of Good Eggs
Thu, Mar 8 1:52pm
Bay Farm School

Hello Everyone,


The people from Good Eggs delivered two big boxes of mandarin oranges to us yesterday.  Stop by the office to pick up a few if you have an opportunity.


This was given to us as part of our Good Eggs Fundraising campaign.  From now until the end of April, Bay Farm PTSA will earn money based on the number of new sign ups from our community.  We can earn $1500 for Bay Farm with only 10 new families joining!!!  It's a sliding scale and we need a minimum of 10 to earn any money.  Visit to sign up! Our school code is bf2018.  For your first order, you'll also recieve a $15 discount.


If you are already using Good Eggs, the school will recieve 10% of all your orders placed between March and April.   Use the code bf2018 to earn money for Bay Farm.


The extra money we get can help us pay for many of the activites that support your child's learning.  So have a look and see if Good Egg is a fit for you and your family.  Just a brief description, Good Egg is a cross between Safeway grocery delivery and a meal service like Blue Apron.  They provide both types of services.