Public Service Announcements
Thu, Sep 7 11:46am
Bay Farm School

The City of Alameda’s contractor, MCK Services, will be starting street repair work this month in Bay Farm Island.  There are some locations near the vicinity of Bay Farm Elementary School and we wanted to provide you with advance notice of the upcoming work as this may entail some disruptions in traffic.  The work is scheduled to occur in phases and “No Parking” signs will be posted 72-hours in advance to advise residents and/or businesses of the upcoming work in their area. 


For your information - below is the link to the press release which identifies all locations throughout the City scheduled for repair.



The locations listed below are specific to Bay Farm Island.  The locations in red bold font are within the vicinity of BF Elementary School


Hot Mix Asphalt

  • Auburn Drive   (from Mecartney Road to Belmont Way)
  • Auburn Court (from Auburn Drive to west, END)
  • Aughinbaugh  (from Baywalk to MeCartney)
  • Belmont Way  (from Belmont Place to Auburn Drive)
  • Cork Road (from Killybegs Road to Kara Road)
  • Creedon Circle, EAST  (from Adelphian Road to Gonsalves Court)
  • Creedon Circle, WEST  (from Gonsalves Court to Creedon Circle)
  • Dublin Way  (from Tralee Lane to Kofman Parkway)
  • Gardenia Terrace  (from Fir Ave to North, END)
  • Gonsalves Court  (from Creedon Circle to End)
  • Holly Street  (from Mecartney Road to Catalina Ave)
  • Kara Road (from Seaview Parkway to Cork Road)
  • Killybegs Road (from west, END to Kara Road)
  • Robert Davey Jr. (from Aughinbaugh to Oyster Shoals)
  • Thurles Place (from Dublin Way to East end)
  • Ulster Place (from Dublin Way to East end)
  • Wexford Place (from Dublin Way to East end)


Please contact Laurie Kozisek at 510-747-7900 if you have any questions or concerns.