Reminder: Family STEAM Night #2 - Oct 12th
Wed, Oct 3 11:45pm
Bay Farm School

Dear Bay Farm Parents,


Just a quick reminder that our next Family STEAM Night is on Friday Oct 12th 7-9PM MPR.


For this STEAM event, we are challenging your engineering mind to build a catapult to launch a 1lb pumpkin about 35-45 feet!   The person/team with the most accurate "launcher", there might be a prize for you!!!  You will bring your catapult on the evening of the Family STEAM night to showcase your engineering genius.    This means you MUST build your catapult BEFORE you arrive at the event.  You'll need to bring your pumpkin launching device to school on the evening of the event. 


For those of us who rather build  a desktop version of a catapult, we will provide materials and instructions, lead by docents, to help your young ones to build one and launch a miniture pumpkin.   There is no worry if you want to build the desktop version on the day of the event.


Those of you who have been building or about start your construction of the larger version, please RSVP to me by sending an email to by Wednesday, Oct 10th so we know how many big catapults will enter into the competion. 


Here's some resources to help you with buiding ideas and construction tips for catapults and Trebuchet.


If you need more ideas, you can always consult Google...  :-)


Attached is a liability release form (just like the one we used last time).  Please complete and bring with you to the event.  The other attachement includes some basic instruction on what we will be doing at Family STEAM night#2


So, get your creative juices flowing and start building.... See you on the 12th



The STEAM Committee.


P.S. if you are able to voluntee to help at the Family STEAM night #2,  We could use a few more  people to be key volunetters on night of the event.