Rhythmix Love Our Island Art Walk - Radical Beauty, Part 7 -- April 12 6-9PM @ Harbor Bay Landing
Tue, Apr 9 1:09pm
Bay Farm School

Bay Farm Elementary 2nd graders are participating in Rhythmix Radical Beauty Part 7 with a collaborative art installation. The installation, made under the guidance of local artist Ginny Parsons, features reuse origami birds, folded sculptures crafted by Michele Kuttner's 2nd grade students out of old workbooks and calendars.


With a shout-out to Earth Day, Radical Beauty Part 7 features artists utilizing recycled materials and environmental themes accompanied by family-friendly activities and music and dance performances from around the globe.


Friday, April 12th from 6-9pm @ Harbor Bay Landing Shopping Center



More Info and RSVP: https://www.rhythmix.org/radical-beauty-part-7/

Entertainment includes:

Cajun music, Chinese zither music, Hawaiian music and dance, Salvadoran music and dance, Bay Area Children's Theatre


Activities include:

Thingamajigs found-object instrument making, Alameda Library Book Bike, Hot Chocolate for Peace


Art Installations include:

Josie Iselin's seaweed art, Hopi Breton's examination of nature, Susan Brady's found-object horse assemblages, Sophia Lee's recycled object art, Bay Farm Elementary 2nd graders with Ginny Parsons' Reuse Origami Bird Mobile, Small Size Big Minds and Jumpstart Discoveries with Jenna Freck's Cardboard Collage Houses.