School Supplies for 2019/20 school year
Tue, May 28 9:44pm
Bay Farm School

Hello Bay Farm parents,


I hoped that all of you have had a great long weekend!  I'm sure kids are looking forward to no more school but us, parents....maybe not so much!  LOL


Anyways, before long, school will be back in session and once again we have worked with the teachers and  a school supplies company to provide a list of items your kids might need at the beginning of the school year.  Unlike last year, we have switched to a different vendor to provide school supplies.  The major change is that the school supplies will now be shipped to your home instead of the school, all at once.  You'll just need to bring the supplies to school at the beginning of the school year.


Additionally, the garden program has included a few items that parents should bring as well.  In the supply list from the vendor, there is a list of reminders for the additional OLC items.  


1. notebook

2. packet of seed (for the garden)

3. favorite family garden recipe


Since the vednor cannot provide the seed packet or family recipe, please remember to bring thtat along as an additionitem .


Here's the link to the website for ordering.   There is no stop date for ordering as with the previous vendor, but all kits should be ordered by August 1st to make sure it arrives in time before the 1st day of school.


If you know of any in coming kindergarten family, please forward this link to them so they may also participate if they wish to.