Science Fair Information
Thu, Mar 8 11:18pm
Bay Farm School

Dear Bay Farm Parent and Teachers,


The Science Fair team would like me to share some important information regarding the upcoming Bay Farm Science Fair.


There will be two sessions of science fair workshop.  The first will be on March 15th, 7-8PM and the second will be on March 17th, 10:30-11:30.  Both workshops will be held in the MPR.  You child only need to attend one of the two sessions as they both will cover the same material.


Click HERE for more information about the science fair. 


If you need to help your child with ideas.  Ms. Carpenter provided this link which may be helpful in your child's quest for answers.


Hope to see you on the day of the science fair and good luck!


"Learning never exhausts the mind"  - Leonardo Da Vinci