Thank You Bay Farm Parents!
Mon, Oct 9 10:01pm
Bay Farm School

Dear Bay Farm Parents,


Happy Monday! Hope you all have had a nice long weekend (for some of us anyway)


I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who donated to the PTSA.  I am humbled by the response from you  since my last message about donation and I am truly honored to serve our school community in my capacity as the President of Bay Farm School PTSA.  With such warm support,  It motivates me to work even harder for you and your children.


We have so far raised around $62,000!  While this amount is short of our stretch goal of $80,000, it did exceeded our budgeted goal of $60,000.  Thank You for your generosity and I'm very very grateful for all of you!


I look forward to a great school year as we continue to build our school community, working along side with the teachers and staff to provide the best possible educational experience for our children.   As you know, the work of our PTSA is never finished.  We are always in need of volunteers for all the activities we have planned.  If you have even 30 minutes to spare, it would mean a great deal to our events planning committee and our auction planning committee.


I look forward to seeing you around the school.  Please reach out to me if I can be of assistance.



Spencer Tse

Bay Farm PTSA President