⚠️Making Drop-off and Pick-up Easy and Safe
Tue, Oct 8 10:34am


A reminder to all parents and caregivers on drop-off and pick-up  procedures that keep our kids safe.


For Parents and All Caregivers!

Drop-off and Pick-up is a hectic time for students, pedestrians and drivers. We appreciate your
patience, cooperation and understanding and ask that you please follow these guidelines. Our
goal is to keep everyone safe and traffic flowing quickly and smoothly!

⚠️Please allow enough time! Just a few minutes can make a huge difference! Arrive early to
find parking and if picking up on Erie Street plan for congestion during our peak time of
3:35-3:45 (1:00-1:10 Wednesdays).
⚠️All TK/Kinder students must be walked on/off the school grounds. Please allow time to find
legal parking. This is a terrific time to teach young Stingrays safe parking and pedestrian
⚠️ DO NOT block the neighborhood driveways or alleyways at any time!
⚠️Please always use a crosswalk. Walking a few extra feet to the crosswalk is much safer
and teaches your children safe, responsible pedestrian behavior.
⚠️ DO NOT drop-off or pick-up on Denver Street, unless legally parking.
⚠️ DO NOT park in red or handicap zones (without permit).
⚠️DO NOT park or stop in the crosswalks, or double-park. Please park legally and walk
in when using the Denver Street gates.
⚠️ DO NOT make U-Turns in 3 minute zone, or Denver Street in front of the school.
Using the 3 Minute Zone on Erie Street
⚠️ Safety Patrol on Erie St. is commissioned, trained and supervised by the San Diego Police
Department. They are responsible for managing traffic and pedestrian flow. Always
follow their instructions and treat them with courtesy and respect at all times.
⚠️Use the Erie Street 3-minute zone for ALL drive-by drop-off and pick-up! (1st-5th)

⚠️ This zone is for immediate drop-off and pick-up ONLY.
⚠️ Drivers must remain in their vehicle.
⚠️Please pull as far forward as possible (all the way down the block)! Cars
back up very quickly. When picking up, please continue pulling forward as
space becomes available. This keeps the intersection at Kane and Erie clear
of traffic.
⚠️DO NOT block the intersection or pull over in the Red zone. The cones
are there for the children and Safety patrols safety. If there is no
space, please continue down the block. Never make a U-Turn!
⚠️DO NOT double-park! Find a safe place to pull over next to the curb.


Thank You for keeping our students safe. We greatly appreciate your cooperation! Please share with all caregivers.