🌻Gardening at Bay Park Elementary
Sun, Sep 10 10:18am
Bay Park has a beautiful garden space and we are looking for help to keep it thriving! There are two main ways to help: Garden Club or Classroom Garden Parent. If those do not work for your schedule, we will also have garden work days on the weekends about once a month. 
Garden Club
Garden Club meets in the morning on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 8:30. We would love to have adult volunteers (either for supervision only or to help with gardening). You do not have to commit to a time, please come when your schedule allows. During the Garden Club, students and volunteers help put some magic into the garden and watch it grow! Whether we are weeding, adding new plants or giving our flowers some love, students can come and add their loving touch to the garden. We are hoping to make this garden a place where students can watch their hard work flourish for years to come! Join the Garden Club committee on Konstella.

Garden Parents 

Each classroom can have a garden parent or more and will work with the teacher to take the class out to the garden. Similar to activities in the garden club, garden parents can help the students maintain the garden by weeding, watering and planting. We have a greenhouse and many supplies. We would love for garden parents to help supplement the work of the garden club to keep the garden thriving! Speak with your child's teacher to express your interest. Once confirmed you're the class garden parent, join the Garden Parents committee on Konstella.

Reach out with questions to Garden Committee Chairs:

Julia Fulton jbfulton@yahoo.com 619-871-3964

Leslie Hulburt lesliehulburt@gmail.com 619-838-2686

*If you have issues joining either committee on Konstella, Larissa Brecht can assist (lcomb@hotmail.com)