3 Minute Zone Morning Volunteer
Bay Park Elementary

Hi Families.

3 Minute Zone sign ups are available for October/November.  We ask for 4th grade families in October and 3rd grade families in November.  However, if you are a parent that wants to help out and be out there in the morning and are not a 3rd or 4th grade family that is just fine.   Please, make sure you sign up tho :)

As always remember that you are there as a friendly face to greet students in the morning, and  support for the safety patrol if something were to arise that was out of their control.    Please make sure you let them do what they are trained to do.  

If at any time there is more then one parent on Erie St, we encourage one parent to go to the handicap entrance on Denver St.   To remind parents not to drop off on Denver St, and that they need to try to drop of on Erie St.