Art Studio Update - April
Thu, May 17 7:12pm
Bay Park Elementary

As we get closer to the end of another year in art, the students are cranking out some great work. It is satisfying, to my artistic soul, to see how much they have grown from the beginning of the year. I hope you also enjoy seeing their growth in the form of work brought home and seen in the classroom and during Open House.

The TK/Kinders worked on a collage piece that combined water color effect and decoupage. This group doesn’t like to get messy, but they really enjoyed layering the tissue squares on top of each other and creating new colors. Then to know they can take markers and turn them into watercolor with water … mind blown. I hope they have been practicing this at home!

1st grade - Learned about French artist Paul Gauguin and his love of capturing fruit in the form of still life paintings. They got to use chalk pastels for the first time in the art studio. This messy medium took a little bit of time to get used to, but they did great and the bowls of apples look scrumptious enough to eat. They then finished a piece I call Wandering Line v2.0. It is less messy than the original one they did earlier in the year and is a quick lesson on continuous line. Again they tell a story of their traveling line and its adventures. Then they use a black frame to section off an area to add color to.

2nd grade learned about Dot Art. An art form taken from the Aborigines. The native people of Australia would tell stories and when they did, they would draw in the sand. Dot Art is an art form that retells those stories but keeps the sacredness of each story. They painted a background in either warm or cool colors and then added lines and dots using a brush and q-tip. They also drew two indigenous animals to Australia and added patterns to them using sharpie. Last they glued them onto their backgrounds.

3rd grade in the art studio, we use student grade materials. This was the first time we used true watercolor paper for our watercoloring. The students drew tulips, a vase, and a table using black oil pastel. They then learned about the wet-on-wet method to color in their painting and get the gradients of a color to make the appearance more realistic. They loved the way the liquid watercolor interacted with the paper.

4th grade learned about Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh. They were given a postcard of one of his paintings and were asked to copy it using chalk pastels and starch. The chalk pastel is broken down when dipped into liquid starch and creates a paste like paint that they applied in various strokes to mimic Van Goghs heavy brush strokes that are visible in his paintings. To be honest, they had doubts, but when they put their mind to it - many were truly surprised at their results. This lesson is always a fun one.

The 5th graders broke out three different sharpies and created contrasting rays of lines. Using scrap pieces of paper as the center of their rays, they cut out circles and glued them to their paper. They then took a chisel sharpie and created wedges going around the circle paper. Last they took the different sharpies and used a variety of line patterns to fill in each wedge.


The 2nd Annual Art Showcase will be on Friday, June 1st from 6:00-7:30pm in the BPE library. We hope you can swing by to check out the amazing artwork done by all of our Stingray artists.


You can look at some of the artwork created this month at this link.


With Gratitude
Ms. Jenn