Art Studio Update - December
Wed, Feb 7 3:18pm
Bay Park Elementary

We had another short month of Art due to Winter Break, but still created some amazing pieces. Here is a breakdown of what we did. 

The TK/Kinders spent a few minutes learning about snowmen and their crazy antics when no one is looking as we read Snowmen at Night by Mary Altom. They then drew their three snowmen using oil pastels and created their snowy banks for their snowmen to rest in using white tempera paint. They then cut out their snowmen and glued them onto the midnight sky. They were careful to plant them firmly in the snow so they didn’t melt. Last they took white oil pastel and made it “snow” to keep them cold and happy.

1st grade did some printmaking using sponges and tempera. We learned about the plant Poinsettia and where it originated, how it go to America and how it symbolizes the holidays for many. The printmaking started with Q-tips and yellow paint. They made a series of 5 dots around their blue paper for the center of the poinsettias. They then dipped petal shaped sponges into red and pink tempera and placed them all around the yellow dots. Last they dipped larger leaf shaped sponges into green paint and filled up the rest of the blue space. Such a fun seasonal session.

2nd grade also got a read-a-long treat with the book Moosletoe by Margie Palatini. After learning about the holiday crazed moose dad, we started with a guided drawing by drawing one 1/2 of the moose. Using the principle of symmetry, the students drew the other side of the moose, being very careful to make sure it matched. Then they took brown tempera paint and painted in the moose. While the moose dried, we worked on cutting out circles of various sizes to represent ornaments. They then used Mr. Sharpie to use their knowledge of line on the ornaments, giving them fun decorations. Last we glues the ornaments onto the paper and added the strings to the moose’s antlers. Another project that makes me smile as the moose are so dang cute.

3rd grade worked on a Op-Art project. They took different size lids and traced them. They then created a grid using a ruler for the background. Then they chose their two colors to use on their composition. Alternating back and forth as they colored in the artwork. Last they took a black crayon and added a shadow to give the illusion of a 3-D form from a 2-D shape. I can’t seem to locate the pictures that were taken. You’ll just have to wait for the art show to see some of the best ones.

4th grade did a beautiful painting involving a red cardinal and a snowy branch. After we did a guided drawing for the cardinal, they then painted and trimmed out the bird and branch. The addition of snowflakes, snowballs and flurries were the perfect touch to this classic winter inspired theme.

The 5th graders project had to be, hands down, the most talked about art project in the studio. Everyone wanted to be in 5th grade in December. Even the teachers. We started by choosing a warm or cool color background. Using tissue paper, we tore and pasted tissue pieces to out background making sure we created a curvy snow bank for our trees to be planted in. We used watered down glue to make the tissue stick. They then cut out a minimum of 5 birch trees from a piece of white drawing paper. They pasted those down in various heights. Then they had to dry. At their second visit, they trimmed the excess tissue paper and birch trees. We viewed birch trees and how they have these beautiful horizontal line markings going up the trunk. We practiced line work using water color. We also practiced value by using more or less water. They created the markings on the tree with black water color and then added the shadows as well. Finishing touch was some random shrubs around the trees.

A project they were finishing from November is also showcased here. It is their geometric abstract piece in warm and cool colors. They chose a shape to be their central focus and then divided that shape into pieces. Shattered the background as well and then chose either a warm or cool center and the opposite for the back ground. We used colored pencils for this piece.


You can look at some of the artwork created this month at this link.

Photos of Art in December


With Gratitude
Ms. Jenn