Art Studio Update - February
Tue, Mar 20 2:56pm
Bay Park Elementary

Art is in the air and we are busy as always in the Studio.

The TK/Kinders are finishing up their study of color to include Primary and Secondary colors. They created these adorable color birds by tracing circles, mixing colors and then using Mr. Sharpie to add details. The finishing touch … some vibrant liquid watercolor in a beautiful blue. I can’t forget to mention the green grass done in oil pastel.

1st grade - Love Monsters. I just loved the way these turned out. After reading the book Love Monster by Rachel Bright, we started in on creating our very own lovable and unique monster. They chose the color and the attributes of their monsters. They designed the backgrounds and used all different sorts of mediums. This was a lesson in a little bit of everything … collage, painting, shape, lines, printmaking composition and balance. Pics to follow.

2nd grade had a lesson in space, composition and balance. They also learned about contour line and how to do a modified blind drawing. After drawing their 5 different birds with pencil, they traced the lines they wanted to keep with Mr. Sharpie, adding details like eyes, feet and feathers with our favorite drawing tool. They added color by using construction crayons and were asked to create patterns using bright colors.

3rd grade did a play on Kandinsky’s concentric circle paintings. Instead of circles we used hearts as befitting the month of Love. They divided their paper into 8 sections by folding it. Then they drew concentric hearts in each section using black oil pastel. Last they watercolored their shapes and backgrounds. The oil from the pastel makes the water push away from it. The kids are always amazed at this bit of science.

4th grade got in two lessons this month. One was started in January and then we finished both in February. Our first is a watercolor landscape picture of some hills, water and a tree. They used oil pastels to create their line work and then watercolor to fill the white with vibrant colors. For the second project, they were able to choose a word that consisted of 4 letters and then take small pieces of white paper and draw the initial letters. After that, they took markers and made the letters get bigger and bigger to fill in the entire white sheet. They then chose a color for their matt and glued it onto that paper.

The 5th graders finally finished their Molas. Oh man did that take awhile. They were very detailed in their selections of shape and color. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

You can look at some of the artwork created this month at this link.


With Gratitude
Ms. Jenn