Art Studio Update - January
Mon, Mar 5 5:17pm
Bay Park Elementary

We are back to a full month of art and for most grades that means more art projects. 


The TK/Kinders are learning about color. We created a color wheel using a paper plate, markers and the help of a clock. Next we followed up with Eric Carle’s The Mixed Up Chameleon. We then drew our very own chameleons. Next we watercolored them using primary and secondary colors. Before the colors dried, we sprinkled salt to create the scales of the chameleon. The lids loved the salt. Last we cut out the Color Wheel Chameleons and attached them to their branch. Such a unique way to explore our use of color and the color groups.


1st grade 1.2.3.blast off. Space Shuttles were on the agenda in January for 1st grade. They used orange paper and warm colors to create smoke and fire from the shuttles boosters. They then followed a guided drawing on a space shuttle. They were able to color the space shuttle with markers and then everything needed to dry. On their second visit they cut out the space shuttle and glue it onto their fire filled background. They LOVED this lesson and it got them talking about space and NASA and wondering about those topics. Since we had some extra time on the second visit, we did a quick take him project on wax resist. Spring gardens was the theme and they drew their gardens with white oil pastel and then painted over it with watercolor.


2nd grade learned a little bit about the artist Laurel Birch and her bright and imaginative patterned cats. They then created a collage using construction paper, oil pastels and glue. They drew flowers and added patterns to the cats body and face. They came out so bright and whimsical. Love these cats.


3rd grade did not get a seasonal art lesson in December, so we kicked January off with a beautiful piece inspired by the characters of the nutcracker. Each student was given a character, the Mouse King, Clara, Sugar Plum Fairy or the Nutcracker. They colored those characters using markers. Then they took a dark blue piece of paper and used oil pastels to make a dream like winter forest for their characters to wander through. Last they glued their character onto the background.


4th grade did a lesson on color value. They selected one color and added white to it. They worked their way down their paper as the color progressively turned lighter. Next they created a skyline of buildings with various architectural elements using Mr. Sharpie. Then they took chalk pastels and created ‘shadows’ for one side of their buildings. They were able to choose complimentary colors or make a monochromatic choice. Last they cut out the buildings and glued them to the bottom of their paper. Pics coming soon.


The 5th graders are working on a very detailed piece that is taking a few classes. Three to be exact. We will be finishing these up in March. Can’t wait to show them off and explain a little bit more about them. Stay Tuned.


You can look at some of the artwork created this month at this link.


With Gratitude
Ms. Jenn