Art Studio Update - March
Thu, May 10 5:18pm
Bay Park Elementary

Another short month of art due to breaks and conferences allowed some  artists to catch up and some to do really fun projects.

The TK/Kinders have just completed their unit on Color. We learned so much and experimented with different mediums to create our primary and secondary colors. Their final class before break was a celebratory one as we threw ourselves a Color Mixing Cookie Party. They were so excited to see the primary paint (aka vanilla frosting) colors displayed on their plates. Their papers were small vanilla wafers and their paint brush for this lesson, a plastic knife which smoothed the paint over the paper, mixing and icing and icing and mixing. Unfortunately, these masterpieces won’t be coming home to hang on the wall nor will there be any pictures. They were happy to eat their works of art.

1st grade - I just love Spring. I love the colors and the crispness in the air. Spring is awesome, so the 1st graders did a lesson in watercolor and oil pastels of a vase holding beautiful flowers straight out of their imagination. I was wowed by their compositions and the colors they chose. These are gorgeous.

2nd grade learned about Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso and his cubist period. We then played a game called Roll a Picasso. It is always fun to introduce students to this artist and his various styles, especially Cubism as at first glance it is ‘weird’ and ‘strange’. These portraits are so creative and completely left to chance as the dice tells the students what to draw. They added their own details with a chisel sharpie and then colored in the skin areas with crayons. They also did a small shamrock project a la Picasso.

3rd grade learned about French artist Raoul Dufy and his role in Fauvism. He is well known for this happy paintings of easy going life and events and his black line which he used to define and outline his shapes.

4th grade broke out three different sharpies and created a contrasting flower garden. Using scrap pieces of paper as the centers of their flowers, they cut out circles and glued them to their paper. They then took different sized sharpies and drew lines and shapes to create a whimsical garden.

The 5th graders learned about American artist Georgia O’Keefe and her love for painting not only flowers, but also pueblo buildings in her home state of New Mexico. This is their second attempt at chalk pastels and the results are stunning. Absolutely love the interaction of the soft pastels against the black background.


You can look at some of the artwork created this month at this link.


With Gratitude
Ms. Jenn