Art Studio Update - May
Mon, Jun 4 10:14pm
Bay Park Elementary

The last month of art classes is always bittersweet. We love seeing the artists each visit and they love their time in the Studio. But come May, everyone is ready for some summer break time. We try to keep it easy going in May as far as projects go, so these pieces are very fun and colorful. They also cover mediums and techniques we do not do very often in the studio. Enjoy both the art from May and your summer break!

The TK/Kinders recalled their trip to the San Diego Zoo and drew their very own lovable Giraffe. They used pencil first, traced the lines with Mr. Sharpie and then filled in some background designs and details of the giraffe with oil pastel. Then they broke out the trusty watercolors and brought the whole thing to life with color, color and more color. They also got to stamp with metallic paint and create their own castles. A little bit of printing, collaging and lessons on foreground, middle ground and background make these castles fit for a King or Queen.

1st grade brought a little bit of summer into the art room with their tempera painted watermelons. Slices, wedges, halves and whole watermelons scatter across the blue background. Some with bites taken out of them. So fun! Our last class consisted of watercolor and oil pastel. The students traced a circle plate and then they drew along as we slowly revealed the sun and moon. The moon was colored using cool colors and the sun was colored using warm colors. They filled in the outside of the circles with lines and shapes.

2nd grade did a two part lesson. First they took a plain paper plate and painted a farm landscape filled with blue skies, animals, barns and rainbows. Then Ms. Anna and I turned those into looms. At our second meeting, they chose yarn and started doing their own under - over - under - over until the tree branches were filled with ‘foliage’. They loved this little lesson and we think they turned out perfect.

3rd grade got a quick lesson in origami, paper folding, as we learned two folds … kite folds and triangle folds. They used both methods to create a 3D symmetrical relief piece using construction paper squares, glue and their imagination. These pieces are so unique and vibrant. Striking when they are set against the black background. For their second class, they did a 3D red poppy picture. Super simple and perfect for a ‘testing’ break. They traced different size cups, designed the center of the poppy, cut them out and then folded them into 1/8’s. They then got to use A LOT of glue to make sure they were secure and popped off the paper. A delicate stem grounds them securely.

4th grade created looms using a board and string. They then took both class meetings to weave, over - under - over - under …. These looms where a lot larger than our last year looms, so we didn’t get to complete them, but they got them back and can continue at home if they so desire. Nice thing about the looms - they can be reused. Here is a tutorial on how to get the weaving off the loom.

The 5th graders did a weaving of their own as well. First they took a cardboard circle and drew a radial design. Then they painted it with acrylics. After they dried, Ms. Anna and I created the loom and at the last class for the year, they came in and wove. Some stayed in the middle and some did additional weaving towards the outside edges of the circle. These are really colorful and fun to look at and feel the different textures from the various yarns.

Thank you to everyone who joined Anna and I at the 2nd Annual Art Showcase. We enjoyed showing off the artwork and bragging about how awesome the artists at Bay Park are.

You can look at some of the artwork created this month at this link.

With Gratitude
Ms. Jenn and Ms. Anna