Art Studio Update - November
Mon, Dec 11 1:49pm
Bay Park Elementary

November was a low-key month of Art at Bay Park due to the Thanksgiving Break. The shortened months mean less time in the art studio which translates to projects dragging over more than one class.


The TK/Kinders did two pieces of artwork. We learned a little bit about Pablo Picasso and did a rendition of his famous Bouquet with Hands. They traced their hands in pencil, making sure to overlap and then traced those pencil lines with Mr. Sharpie. They then created flowers from their own imaginations using markers. The last lesson took two class periods. We started discussing different geometric shapes we could use to build a bird. After much discussion, the students drew their bird. Then they took a white crayon and marked all over their white paper. Many were bewildered because they could not see the crayon. The last class we painted out birds and our magical background with watercolors. The kids were so surprised to see their mysterious white markings appear under the watercolor.


1st grade had a lesson on warm and cool color groups with A Cold Fish on a Hot Plate. After drawing a fish of their choice with oil pastels, the decorated the fish using cool colors of Purple, Blue and Green, then drew a hot plate and decorated it with colors of red, orange, yellow and pink. They then water colored the whole thing following the same color groups. Oil vs. water magic. Always a great lesson.


2nd grade created their abstract geometric shape masterpieces. After learning about a few abstract artists who used geometric shapes to create their artwork, the 2nd graders took plastic shapes and combined them to create something of their own. The stories these guys tell as they are being creative are so worth doing something a little less structured and a little more free thinking.


3rd grade created beautiful fall scenes using chalk pastels. After a short guided drawing lesson, they moved to filling their tall and skinny paper with pastels. They were enthusiastic about their drawings, but not big fans of the mess chalk pastels create on their hands. They continue to explore color, contrast and value.


4th grade focused on the art movement called Op Art. After learning about the artists who started the movement, we drew wavy lines vertically and then created ‘Rainbows’ above the half way line and ‘Smiles’ below the half way line. They then took colored pencils and chose complimentary colors to color in their mind dizzying artworks. We also learned how to blend colored pencil using tortillons aka Stumps.


5th grade also got dirty with chalk pastels. It was a dusty month. Their subject matter was Indian Corn. They drew the corn and the stalks and then sharpied them. It took a lot of time to create each kernel. Once they were done, they could fill in each little square with chalk pastel and blend with their finger. It was hard just keeping one finger working and the other not messy, but they were able to press on. Once it was all colored in, they moved to the husks and then to the background. I love the way chalk pastels look on paper.


You can look at some of the artwork created this month at this link.


We will have limited time in the art studio for December as well due to Winter Break. That update will be out shortly as I finish up the last week before break.


With Gratitude
Ms. Jenn